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Merlin Road Show in Curitiba had record attendance

Merlin Road Show en Curitiba tuvo récord de asistencia

Brazil. The first Merlin Road Show held in 2024 reached a historic milestone in its Curitiba edition, achieving a record number of attendees and negotiations, consolidating once again as the largest meeting of the sector in Brazil.

And it is already opening a door to extend its borders at the request of its represented brands and to do so in the future in different cities in Latin America, together with its partners in each country of the region and together with the active participation of the main brands in the market, which is always essential to achieve the success always achieved.

In the case of the recent Merlin Road Show Curitiba, organized as always by the company Merlin Foto e Video, it resulted in the presence of more than 700 renowned professionals, including filmmakers, videographers, photographers, advertising and content producers, representatives of churches and television, who were part of a new milestone in the trajectory of the Road Show with the presence of participants from different regions of Brazil such as Sao Paulo; Rio de Janeiro; Minas Gerais; Paraná; Santa Catarina; Rio Grande do Sul; Rio Grande do Norte; Rondônia; Bay; Ceará; Amazon; Roraima and Acre among the most outstanding Brazilian states, who shared knowledge and their audiovisual experiences, concluding in a new record achieved by the leading traveling event of our industry in the region.

Fernando Tasselli, Marketing Director of Merlin Video was very satisfied with this first edition of the event: "We have had a new success, continuing with a constant growth in all the Merlin Road Shows held during 2023. We have had a record attendance again, which opens many expectations for all the upcoming events that will continue in different cities in Brazil and that will also be full of conferences of the largest manufacturers of audiovisual products with their latest technologies, all visitors can also access them in the equipment showroom and we will bring all the novelties that will be launched to the market at this next NAB Show 2024"

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In this way, this edition of the event in Curitiba stood out as a unique space for networking, learning and business opportunities, consolidating itself as an essential meeting point for professionals in the Brazilian audiovisual sector, and had the participation of manufacturers of the professional industry such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Datavideo, JVC, AJA Video Systems, Hollyland, Hedbox, LG, Prograde, Linepro, Voltz and Zeus, who had the opportunity to present all their new technologies and solutions in the area of audiovisual production within the areas of Broadcast, professional video, cinematography, video production, photography, television, content creation and streaming, thus covering all levels of production.

In addition, the Merlin Road Show program was full of conferences with the specialists of these brands, where Saul Henrique from Sony Alpha Brazil, Thiago Rodrigues Content Creator from Youtube, Renato Goya from Panasonic Brazil, Felipe Rodrigues from Sony Professional, Carlos Teixeira from Canon do Brasil, Heitor Gava from LG do Brasil, Danilo Fuzeto from Zeus Broadcast, Ricardo Santos from Datavideo, Ismael Tocafundo from Voltz Professional Led, Rodrigo from Magalhães Specialist Photographer, Sergio Constantino from JVC and Fernando Tasselli from Merlin Foto e Vídeo, in addition to the raffle of a Panasonic 4K camera among all attendees.

"The Merlin Road Show is proving to be a very important event for us. Mainly for the people of the northern region, who have a lot of difficulties in getting to know equipment, which is an event that is very conducive to knowledge, to know about equipment, to be aware of the news and trends of the audiovisual market in the country." As Paulo Reis, director of Radio UFRR

Agreeing with the importance of the Merlo Road Show for the professional industry, Harry Goes, operations manager at Estudios Flow says: "You learn a lot here, technically speaking, about equipment, things that are missing in the market that are made, that they explain a lot to us, and of course a lot of sales are given, but here you learn a lot about equipment because there is a lot of content here"

"The main triumph of being present at this type of event is networking, here you see a lot of familiar faces" – as Gabriel Topin, director of photography and professor – says: "Everyone is in here, in addition to being able to meet new people, exchange cards, and project or carry out common projects. It's a key event for our industry."

Finally, for Rodolfo Richard, director of R2 Produtora: "The experience of acquiring products with Merlin is always a positive experience, because it is not only selling a product, but always being available to people as their own partner, so always delivering a camera or equipment in correct conditions is super important for us here in the northeast region. it's always having that key technical advisor for all of us."

The manufacturers' point of view
Speaking about the importance of events of these characteristics for professionals in the Brazilian audiovisual professional industry, the different executives of the participating brands highlighted the success achieved in the different events of the Merlin Road Show in the different cities of the country, and the broad expectations for these events that begin in 2024

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For Panasonic's Renato Goya: "This event is very important, both for the Brazilian professional market and of course for the local market of Curitiba, bringing to this event a lot of technology, not only from Panasonic but also from other manufacturers."

"I always say that being at the Merlin Road Show wherever it is, is important for you, for the other manufacturers, for the people because of that direct contact with the end customer, this is of great importance for all parties, both customers and brands," was what Felipe Rodrigues of Sony said, adding: "Seeing the feedback we have, what's working and what can be improved."

Sergio Constantino from JVC agrees: "This event is of great importance for us, because it allows us to show the latest technologies and innovations of our equipment, and you can tell that the public is very interested in being able to have all this type of information"

"It's incredible how much more and more the Merlin Road Show surprises, not only with the format, not only with the organization, but with the audience that is here" - as Ricardo Santos of Datavideo says: "Being here as a newcomer I was already talking to people from different markets, from corporate, churches, small stations, medium-sized stations, radio stations, of the government market, being an event that seeks to have a spectrum of different types of markets and that is exactly what Datavideo is looking for, to be able to give information to different types of business verticals."

"It's a great opportunity for everyone to get to know a variety of equipment, new technologies, to be able to test products, to be able to see products such as Canon's PTZs in their entire range," said Clecio Roberto of Canon, to which LG's Marco Hypolito agrees: "The proximity between manufacturer and customer, being able to see technologies, differentiating concepts, market trends, and being very close to the end customer is essential as it happens in these Merlin events"

Saul Henrique, from Hollyland / Sony Alpha says: "I am here at this wonderful event that is the Merlin Road Show Curitiba, bringing a little more knowledge, also bringing products for everyone, but very important also bringing experience and that we can all grow a little more and more in the audiovisual market", adding Isamel from Voltz: "The best thing about the Merlin Road Show is the people you see there" or as Tiago Villvet concludes from Aputure: "Here people see presentations of all kinds, from how to light, how to take a photograph, how to work video, a super dynamic and well-done event, so it is a unique opportunity that one has to be able to talk and interact with all these people in our industry."

Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Periodista de la Universidad de Antioquia (2010), con experiencia en temas sobre tecnología y economía. Editor de las revistas TVyVideo+Radio y AVI Latinoamérica. Coordinador académico de TecnoTelevisión&Radio.

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