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Epson unveiled the "Climate Reality Barometer 2023"


Mexico. In 2021, Epson published its first Climate Reality Barometer – a survey of people across markets, ages and backgrounds to assess understanding of and attitudes towards climate change.

In 2023, the third edition of the Epson Climate Reality Barometer is launched, containing updates and new insights into how attitudes are (and are not) changing as the climate crisis unfolds. This year's Barometer has expanded significantly, now reaching more than 30,000 people (26,000 in 2022) from 39 markets around the world (28 in 2022). The Barometer also, for the first time, explores and attempts to better understand the attitudes of those born since the first COP conference in 1995, known as the COP Generation.

Below are the results of the 2023 Epson Climate Reality Barometer in Mexico.

Key Market Takeaways
The World Climate Attribution network has concluded that the extreme heatwaves that hit Mexico in July 2023 were at least 100 times more likely to occur due to human-caused climate change (BBC). The increase in high temperatures throughout Mexico, due to the impact of climate change, has led to exceeding the peak energy demands of the previous year. Sadly, Mexican health authorities have reported a significant increase in heat-related deaths, with at least 112 deaths recorded this year, nearly triple the number in 2022 (The Guardian).

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66.3% of Mexicans consider climate change to be one of the most important problems worldwide, surpassing rising prices (52.9%) and poverty (43.9%).

62.1% of Mexicans are optimistic that we will be able to avoid a climate disaster in their lifetime, a slight decrease from the 66% recorded in the 2022 Climate Reality Barometer.

60.6% of Mexico's COP Generation consider climate change to be one of the most important problems globally, followed by rising prices (52.3%).

57.6% of Mexican respondents believe that one of the most important things companies can do in the fight against climate change is to improve the recycling and reuse of products.

Mexico's COP Generation (63.8%) is not reducing plastic use as much as people over 30 (75.5%).

The proportion of Mexicans who are optimistic that we will be able to avoid a climate disaster in their lifetime has decreased from 66% in the 2022 Barometer to 62.1% in this year's Barometer.

Reaction to Reality: People in Action

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Fortunately, many people are already taking action to address the climate emergency.

In Mexico, there are three main actions that people report they are taking:

using more reusable products, such as reusable shopping bags (82.3%);

improving recycling habits (75%);

reduce the use of plastic (72.6%).

In addition, there are three main actions that consumers plan to take in the future:

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start using renewable energy sources (71.5%);

start using an electric vehicle (70.8%);

incentivize the company where they work to commit to or improve their net-zero strategy (54.9%);

Incentivize the institution where they study to commit to or improve their net-zero emissions strategy (34.7%).

Reaction to Reality: A Call to Action from Businesses
In Mexico, the population considers that the main actions that companies can carry out in the fight against climate change are:

improving recycling and reusing products (57.6%);

investing in environmental technologies (54.8%);

Reducing natural resources in production and transport, such as water and fossil fuels (36.1%).

Global Reality: Comparing Global Results with Local Results
62.1% of Mexicans are optimistic that we will be able to avoid a climate disaster in their lifetime, significantly above the global average (47%).

19.6% of Mexicans are less pessimistic that we will be able to avoid a climate disaster in their lifetime, below the global average (26.6%)

Mexico gives greater importance (57.6%) to companies that invest in improving recycling and reusing products, compared to the global average (44.8%).

Mexico leads the markets surveyed with the highest percentage of respondents planning to start using renewable energy sources in the future (71.5%), far exceeding the global average (50.6%)

Current Reality: What's Next?
Epson's Climate Reality Barometer 2023 shows progress: the world is finally recognising that climate change is THE problem and THE challenge of our lives. If we want to confront it, we must be optimistic that action will lead to positive changes, but we must not limit our actions by this optimism.

"As adverse impacts accelerate, it is crucial to understand attitudes towards climate change. Epson is fully committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 through positive climate action and delivering solutions that enrich our lives and build a better world. The Climate Reality Barometer has allowed us to learn about different geographical, generational and economic perspectives, giving us insights into how climate change is transforming our lives and how we can combat it. We believe that listening to the younger generation can help governments, communities and businesses better align positive actions that support those who have experienced climate change throughout their lives," said Yasunori Ogawa, Executive Chairman of Epson.

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Periodista de la Universidad de Antioquia (2010), con experiencia en temas sobre tecnología y economía. Editor de las revistas TVyVideo+Radio y AVI Latinoamérica. Coordinador académico de TecnoTelevisión&Radio.

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