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Latin America, little IMPLEMENTATION of ICT

If we are honest, there are several news we see around the Audio and Video industry. Installation of digital signage, adaptation of theaters, stadiums, new shows, among others, are some of them, but there are few information that show us the progress of the industry, and not technologically, but in terms of ICT coverage (Information and Communication Technologies).

The most important point is how the social divide and the digital divide do not allow for an expansion of technology and much less coverage of systems in all corners of the region, so much so that the study conducted by the World Economic Forum, Global Report on Information Technology, report 2010–2011, it shows that Latin American countries are wrong in terms of the implementation of ICTs in companies, governments and individuals.

Within a ranking of 138 countries, the first Latin country to appear is Chile in 39th place and the last is Bolivia in 135th. Among them are Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Argentina, Honduras, Ecuador Venezuela, Paraguay and Nicaragua.

While the report shows that several countries improved from last year, the region lags behind compared to others in the world.

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And how does this affect the AV industry? According to my perception it is not indifferent. Systems connected to the Internet cannot reach everywhere, and if before it was complicated by the topology to make a wiring, now without coverage of the Network much more.

Likewise, economic shortcomings and government problems also affect the entry of some products and the development of projects that require audiovisual systems, and in the end all the implementation of ICT slows down, although it is also true that AV installations in the region have increased in temples, churches, universities, public places, shopping centers, etc, but they are still not enough to change the landscape.

How can the industry help mitigate this situation? Tell us your opinion. Write to me in the mail [email protected].


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