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LED screens for shopping centers

On this occasion, the guest exposes the high impact that LED screens have among visitors to shopping centers. An effect that is reflected in sales and a quick return on investment.

By: Adrián Morel*

When you think of LED screens, many associate them with the concepts "outdoor and spectacular", because they are ideal for outdoor displays . However, the LED industry is already stomping on medium-distance applications with very positive results.

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Advantages of LED screens

Undoubtedly, LED screens have a dominant position in outdoor events. In the area of outdoor screen rental, LEDs are the ideal solution for shows because they are resistant to the sun, water and weather conditions in general. Defining by the opposite, we can say that neither LCDs, plasmas or projectors can demonstrate their video quality when they are directly exposed to the sun's rays.

While the terms "LED, outdoor and spectacular screens" (giant or monumental screens) are associated words, it is also true that there is a new segment of the market that is awakening and positioning itself strongly: that of shopping centers.

LED display applications

A recent study conducted in a shopping center in the United States showed that 75% of people who went to this place could perceive the installation of an LED screen, 30% of people could remember the premium brands that sponsored the screen and 10% of them made a purchase decision based on the advertising observed on the display.

This indicates that it is an element of branding (brand reinforcement) and sales very important because we have between 30 and 10% of passers-by who pass, watch and buy based on the advertising displayed. Having a return or results of 10% fully justifies the investment of a screen.

These LED screens are a POP (Point of Purchase) material that targets people's emotional purchase and ends up modifying the buyer's habit. If we say that a shopping mall has between 200 and 500 thousand items to be purchased, the prospect or customer ends up deciding between the 10 items that are promoted by the screen.

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This is like a race where the companies sponsoring the screen take several kilometers away from those who do not promote. According to this study, LED screens represented sales opportunities superior to those offered by beautiful young ladies, sales promoters or edecanes in department stores.

Technology required for tight spaces

The technology required for points of sale that are close to the consumer is not as demanding as the LED screens of spectacular shows or events, where a lighting power of 5,000 nits is required. There are medium screens for malls, airports, theaters, cinemas, tourist or pedestrian streets, entrances to museums, etc. The specifications of these can easily be around 3,000 nits.

If we point to the definition of the image, it is important to note that 16.4 million colors with 8 bits only reproduces text and image, but if we want a 100% functional screen for the projection of videos then we have to think of a screen with trillions of colors.

The size of medium-range screens, where the prospect, customer or consumer is a few meters away, can easily have the surface of a poster or poster similar to those we see on movie billboards or theaters. We can also install these medium-range screens at bus stops, especially those that have shelter or protective roof for the weather.

These screens are usually installed with one foot and walled to the ground with steel bolts. They already come prepared with a box or anti-vandalism cabinet resistant to abuse and theft. For those who are tempted to come home with a stolen screen and watch the football game comfortably in the living room, I tell you that these teams have an average weight of 500 kilos, that is, in addition to the mask and the striped shirt, they must arrive at the mall prepared to make a great effort.

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LED technology has already proven enough to take the big step. The massive installation of this digital signage is a matter of time because when production begins to increase, prices in turn will begin to fall. Nowadays and over the years, these screens are becoming more affordable.

*Adrian Morel is the CEO of Lighthouse and can be reached in Los Angeles, California ([email protected])

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