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Colombian Congress renews AV technology

congreso de colombia

Motorized pen displays, microphones and speakers ensure the best decision-making in Colombia's House of Representatives.

Arthur Holm

The outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 dramatically accelerated the use of hybrid technology, which proved crucial to avoid paralysis of the legislative system during lockdown. And this is what the Colombian House of Representatives had in mind when it decided to renovate this room in 2022.

The challenge was to design motorized retractable touch monitors that included retractable microphones, discussion system, biometric identification, voting, document sharing and speakers to create a hybrid. Paperless environment for debate and voting.

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Colombian systems integrator Matizzo was in charge of listening, understanding and providing a perfect tailor-made solution to respond to the needs of end users.

This is a perfect example of how cooperation between different companies (Arthur Holm, Crestron and Televic) has helped create a sustainable, safe and user-friendly room to aid decision making; A highly complex and sensitive process for institutions.

The use of advanced information technology within chambers and meeting rooms allows politicians to access a much wider range of information sources and communication tools while performing their duties. For example, mobile devices and network access in chambers and committee rooms facilitate continuous communication; And the installation of security biometrics along with a wireless network throughout the legislature would allow MPs to take advantage of all their modern tools anywhere within the legislature. In such large spaces there are key factors to consider; from energy consumption, the useful life of the equipment, to the ease of service and installation and of course, the necessary security and functionalities.

There may be a need to hold multicultural events, vote, have biometric readers or facial recognition systems, different user interfaces, multimedia capabilities, microphones and, of course, optimize the space.

Arthur Holm has been involved in the design of tailor-made solutions to fit existing furniture and include complex audio and video conferencing systems in its products; always taking into account the interior design and architecture of each particular project. Fully discreet, Arthur Holm technology can be customised to suit historic or new rooms, offering the perfect solution to meet not only technical requirements but also interior design.

congreso de colombiaSustainability
Reducing environmental impact is extremely important to Arthur Holm. Energy saving, the use of non-polluting materials, sustainability in production processes, ecodesign and recycling are of paramount importance for the company. Therefore, they carry out energy audits of their processes and facilities and periodically review consumption and thermal insulation.

As for the products, they are designed to optimize energy consumption and pay special attention to the use of sustainable materials. Thus, Arthur Holm products are made of aluminum (100% recyclable, non-toxic and highly durable); They use glass (100% recyclable material that can be infinitely recycled) and stainless steel (adaptable, resistant and ecologically sustainable).

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On the other hand, the electronic boards are designed to comply with the RoHS (Restriction of Harazdous Substances) directives on the restriction of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, adopted in June 2011 by the European Union. The packaging is made of recyclable materials and the company is a member of Ecotic.

For the end user, the goal is to use "zero" paper and have a sustainable discussion room that provides the latest technology with the highest level of safety and efficiency.

Cooperation with other manufacturers
For this project, they integrated Televic audio conferencing technology into Arthur Holm's DynamicX2Talk and used a Crestron video control and distribution solution through Arthur Holm's touch screens. The project was led by Colombian systems integrator Matizzo, who coordinated the work of all manufacturers involved.

Jorge Rodríguez, representative of the integrator Matizzo, said about this project that "The end user was looking for an easy, safe and intuitive solution".

For his part, Manuel Peláez, of Crestron Latin America, commented that "This solution helps Congress to legislate with total transparency and allows it to be done both locally and remotely."

congreso de colombiaConclusion
Arthur Holm's solutions can help institutions legislate efficiently and transparently. The use of motorized touch monitors, microphones and speakers allows Colombian politicians to attend sessions both in person and remotely, promoting efficiency and profitability.

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Remote sessions require audio and video equipment that is reliable, provides the highest quality and security. Space must also be maximized and governments must be flexible to accommodate a variable number of people. The goal is to use "zero" paper and have a sustainable chamber that provides the latest technology with the highest level of efficiency.

One of the great advantages of using motorized monitors and microphones is that they provide total flexibility in situations where social distancing measures are required between attendees. One out of every two or three monitors and microphones can be made to appear, if necessary, and the rest can be left perfectly hidden and protected inside the furniture.

In addition, having a monitor in front of the user increases concentration, as it reduces the feeling of isolation and allows text and numerical data to be clearly displayed. The speakers are also placed close to the listener, increasing the clarity and acoustic quality of the room. Wall cameras also ensure flawless image capture and camera tracking captures the image of the person who is speaking.

The success of this project is the result of collaboration between different companies, all of them specialized in different technologies: Arthur Holm (retractable monitors and motorized technology), Televic (audio conferencing) and Crestron (video control and distribution).

Some data of the project
- 198 units delivered: DynamicX2Talk 15" touch
- 6 units delivered: DynamicX2Talk 17" touch
- 13 units: ERT-60 interfaces
- End User: Colombian House of Representatives
- Installation: July/August 2022
- System integrator: Matizzo
- Brands used: Arthur Holm, Crestron and Televic


Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Periodista de la Universidad de Antioquia (2010), con experiencia en temas sobre tecnología y economía. Editor de las revistas TVyVideo+Radio y AVI Latinoamérica. Coordinador académico de TecnoTelevisión&Radio.

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