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Diffusion explains the benefits of the Digital Menu Board

Menu Board Digital

Peru. According to Difusión, an AV integration company, a Digital Menu Board is the recommended option in restaurants and other food stores, as it surpasses traditional boards due to its benefits, of which aesthetics, customer satisfaction and income generation stand out.

According to the integrator, digital signage technology has 9 specific advantages when used to project menus in shops that offer meals, including saving expenses. Well, although they need electrical energy for their operation, it has multiple purposes and avoids the expense of paper.

1. Fast content change
With the digital dashboard solution for the menu in a restaurant you can make the change of information at any time, compared to conventional methods where it must be rewritten by hand, taking time away from employees and exposing falls at level. In printed chaos you must have the content redesigned and then printed.

This, in the words of Diffusion "makes it infinitely easier to manage the frequency of products and prices". As well as adding new elements, removing those that do not work or adding animation to the menu.

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2. Space to communicate marketing strategies
"Another benefit of the digital display is that you can display any of your marketing messages. For example, maybe highlight a new menu item or offer a special promotion. You could even host an event and promote it on the digital dashboard".

3. Increased upsells
"Digital menu boards are champions in upselling, especially when integrated with a POS system. When this integration is working, the digital display can display complementary menu items".

That is, the increase in sales occurs because the information on the screen helps the customer to choose extra ingredients or promotions, which is a great consumption incentive for users.

For Diffusion the reason why digital menu board is so good for additional sale because of how suggestive the images on the screen are, as would be the case of a video of some steaming breadsticks, a cold drink with ice or a delicious appetizer. "By adding your most attractive products to the digital menu, the dashboard increases sales for you."

4. Saving money
When using a digital menu, operating costs are reduced, as it is no longer necessary to reprint and update the menu physically. For many restaurants, this saves a lot of money, because they change menus on a monthly or seasonal basis, which means that updates do not generate extra costs, and typographical or design errors can be corrected in minutes.

Menu Board Digital en restaurante

5. Expedite orders
A digital menu displays appetizing images that encourage customers to make a quick decision. This is because they don't have to read and imagine what food will look like, they can simply choose their order based on the look of the products. "This also improves customer service rating because people don't have to wait to order food in a long line."

6. Entertainment in waiting times
When a customer is entertained while waiting, their perception of elapsed time is much lower and their overall experience is better. "Some tips include adding fun facts, trivia, interesting videos, the chef providing a recipe or upcoming events".

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7. Scheduled Content
"Say goodbye to the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. With a Digital Menu Board, you'll never forget to change paper menus. You can set the whiteboard to change automatically".

In other words, this type of menu has a configuration to program the content. Such automation of content means that employees can spend more time and energy on customer service and less on changing roles or boards, something of great value in fast food restaurants or spaces where the speed of attention is important.

8. Remote update
Remote management of the digital dashboard is another advantage, as it is possible to change the menu information from any location. This is particularly useful for food chains or franchises, ensuring that changes are made correctly and consistently.

9. Increased Engagement
According to Diffusion, Digital Menu Boards will be part of the overall brand experience and, as such, will help build stronger relationships with your customers. In that vein, because the menu panel is simple and easy to use, employees have more time to develop customer relationships and provide better service.

"Building relationships is critical to marketing your restaurant and ultimately means the difference between customers with long-term loyalty and those who rarely visit you."

Finally, Diffusion concludes that the benefits of the Digital Menu Board are relevant because they allow you to connect visually with your customers "and influence their order choices by providing beautiful images and nutritional information". For this integrator it is clear that "today's restaurant guests expect a great dining experience and a Digital Menu Board will help provide it".

Iris Montoya Ricaurte
Author: Iris Montoya Ricaurte
Periodista con amplia experiencia en corrección de estilo y generación de contenidos de valor para el sector especializado - [email protected]

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