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Cetro, high-tech viewpoint

zasu mexico, cetro

The Mexican integrator Zasu, with the project in the Cetro viewpoint, was the winner of the AV Latino Contest in its 2022 version. The announcement was made on August 18 at TecnoMultimedia Mexico.

Richard Santa

The 46th floor of Mexico City's iconic World Trade Center building provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire city. This was the perfect space to install a tourist viewpoint that complements the experience for its visitors with audiovisual technology.

The company Zasu was in charge of the technological integration for this new tourist attraction in the Mexican capital. Its commercial director, Miguel González, told AVI Latin America all the details of this project.

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"At first the client only wanted some screens to show visitors the important points of the City and that visitors could know where "Santa Fe", "Bellas Artes" or "El Castillo de Chapultepec" was. But, by teaching him everything we could do with the theme of digital signage and the full integration of AV, this WOW effect was made of which we are very proud to achieve in each of the visitors, "he said.

For technological integration, it was taken advantage of the fact that it is a round structure in the highest part of the building. Around the scene, a ring was installed with 76 monitors of 55" each with ultra-thin bezel, with supports made to measure by Zasu and 15 media players.

One of the advantages of this project for the integrator is that they were linked from scratch, with which they were able to make the most of the design, providing many more options to the needs of the client.

Wide AV deployment
The Digital Signage project that was implemented in Sceptro consists of several main elements which can be divided into:

• 360 ° ring with 76 professional monitors of 55 "LG for videowall of ultra thin bezel, 15 media player and professional supports made to measure ZaSu Mexico.
• 7 Interactive columns with 14 professional screens 55 "LG 4K and 7 professional touchscreen screens 55" with Intel media player, the 21 screens in portrait or vertical format and controlled remotely from the Corporate of ZaSu Mexico.
• 4 videowalls 3x3 and a videowall 2x2 with 31 professional monitors of 49 "LG for Videowall ultra thin bezel, 3 Media Player and Retractable Supports by ZaSu and the Administration and Management of Content remotely of ZaSu Mexico.
• Professional audio system with high definition with Klipsch speakers and controlled from a QSC application.

The commercial director of Zasu explained that "All the sending of Content is done remotely from the Zasu corporate, where each of the monitors is programmed to have the ideal content for each of the events that take place in "Cetro", as well as the day to day that is in the format of Mirador 360 degrees. "

The audio is controlled locally or remotely according to the needs of the moment. It was integrated with QSC and Klipsch, all controlled from an Intel media player remotely.

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Miguel Gonzalez, zasu, Curved videowall with straight screens
A project of these dimensions requires overcoming several challenges to complete successfully. "The main technical difficulty we had was to install a 360-degree curved ring with professional monitors for straight videowall, so we had to design and manufacture our supports in such a way that this effect was achieved," he said.

He added that once this was achieved, the next challenge was to adapt the Zasu software and control the content remotely and synchronously in this ring with 76 screens of 55 "without any delay and continuously.

"This integration was a challenge, but we had the advantage of being there from the beginning and that helped us to leave everything according to what was needed from the construction and that is why everything went perfectly," said Miguel González.

On why they chose each of the brands installed in this project, he stressed that "we chose LG Electronics because for us it is the best brand in terms of Digital Signage refers in addition to being the No. 1 Integrator for them and being experts in the installation of their Videowalls. "

Regarding the Audio Klipsch brand, it is because they have an excellent relationship with them and are one of their best distributors in Mexico.

Finally, the LEDs by ZaSu and the Professional Supports by ZaSu for being designed 100% by Mexican engineers and are proud to be the only ones in all of Mexico that can have retractable Videowalls up to 5x5 in a single structure.

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Results achieved
According to the Commercial Manager of Zasu Mexico, the integration has favored this space in an unimaginable way, because many renowned brands have turned to see Cetro as one of the places where the best launch events can be held nationwide, in addition to having a spectacular view of the entire Valley of Mexico.

"The client is very satisfied because, as I mentioned previously, we achieve the WOW effect in all the people who visit us by being able to make image changes immediately in the 128 Professional Screens and the 2 Super LED Screens in a matter of minutes, without having to do anything physically, all controlled remotely which gives us the advantage of having an event and a minute later having another event or one " "Different" Mirador experience, he added.

Although Cetro opened its doors at the beginning of 2022, today it is visited by about 2,500 people a month, both as a viewpoint and as an event hall. Surely this figure will rise quickly, the more this new space is known in the city and thanks to the experience it offers its visitors.

Finally, on what it means for Zasu Mexico to be the winner of the AV Latino Contest in 2022, Miguel González highlighted: "It is one of the greatest achievements for us to be cataloged one of the best Integrators in Latin America and that our project was the best in 2022 so we thank all the brands that supported us, but mainly to all the staff of ZaSu Mexico who put the effort daily to ensure that all the projects we carry out are perfect. Thank you."

Integrating firm: ZaSu Mexico
Manufacturers (brands) involved: ZaSu LEDs, ZaSu Supports, ZaSu Interactive Software, LG, Klipsch, QSC, Intel, Kramer, Belden, Shure.
Professionals involved: ZaSu Mexico
Company covered with the installation (end customer): CETRO MIRADOR DE ALTA TECNOLOGÍA
Installation dates: November 2020

Finalistas concurso av latino 2022Finalists of the Contest in Mexico
The 2022 version of the AV Latino Contest was special. In the first place, because we were able to hold the awards again in a face-to-face event, after two years of doing it virtually. Secondly, because both the nominated projects and the finalists are a reflection of the recovery that the industry has had in recent months. And thirdly, because it had for the first time the representatives of the finalist integrators present in Mexico.

Laura Molina of Proyecciones Digitales from Argentina, José Arcos from Signos Studio, Joaquín Gutiérrez from Big Video, and Luis Martínez from Integración AV, the latter three from Colombia, joined Miguel González from Zasu Mexico, who had an interesting agenda in Mexico City.

The representatives of the integrating firms finalists of the AV Latino Contest, participated in TecnoMultimedia Mexico, fair in which the winner was announced on August 18, being Zasu Mexico with the Cetro project the one that obtained the majority of the votes among the readers of AVI Latin America.

The finalists also participated in the academic agenda of TecnoMultimedia Mexico, being part of a panel that was moderated by the editor of AVI Latin America Richard Santa. This panel analyzed the panorama of the audiovisual industry in this time of recovery and what are the challenges that are faced to resume the dynamics that were experienced before the pandemic, among them, the shortage of equipment. We invite you to watch the recording of the panel on the Youtube channel of AVI Latin America.

In addition to the panel, the finalists participated in a dinner convened by Max Jaramillo, president of Latin Press, publisher of AVI Latin America and director of TecnoMultimedia, and Verónica Marín, Project Manager of AVI Latin America and TecnoMultimedia.

Finally, the whole group had the opportunity to visit Cetro, the new tourist viewpoint on the 46th floor of the World Trade Center building in Mexico City and all the technological integration carried out by Zasu Mexico and that made it the winner of the Contest this year.

As part of the recognition, the winner of the AV Latino 2022 Contest will attend the 2023 version of the Integrated Systems Europe fair, ISE, which will be held the first week of February in Barcelona, Spain, thanks to the fact that the organizers of the fair once again came together to reward the outstanding work done by AV industry integrators in Latin America.

From AVI Latin America we want to thank all those who participated in the AV Latino 2022 Contest, both the integrating firms with their applications, and the entire industry that contributed their votes to choose the winner.

We invite you to be attentive to the news that the 2023 version of the AV Latino Contest will have.

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Periodista de la Universidad de Antioquia (2010), con experiencia en temas sobre tecnología y economía. Editor de las revistas TVyVideo+Radio y AVI Latinoamérica. Coordinador académico de TecnoTelevisión&Radio.

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